White Belt to Advanced Yellow Belt

First 5 Belts of the Premier Curriculum
A perfect resource if you're a beginner. You will learn in fine detail all the curriculum for the first 5 belts in Premier Kickboxing & some secrets of how to get better scores at your next grading if you grade at a Premier Kickboxing Academy.

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Beginner Adult & Teen Curriculum

Course Content

  • 1

    At The Academy

    • Greeting / Bowing

    • How To Tie Your Belt

    • Attendance Cards

    • Belt Gradings

    • Meaning of Beginner Belt Colours

  • 2

    Warm Ups

    • Star Jump Options

    • Squats

    • Push Ups

    • Sit Ups

    • Skipping

  • 3


    • Ham String

    • Quad

    • Hip Flexors

    • Adductors

    • Shoulders

  • 4


    • Orthodox / South Paw

    • Movement / Footwork

  • 5

    Phase 1: Curriculum

    • Kicking Technique

    • Kicking Combo

    • Kickboxing Combo

    • Phase 1 Printout

  • 6

    Phase 2: Curriculum

    • Kicking Techniques

    • Kicking Combo

    • Kickboxing Combo

    • Phase 2 Printout

  • 7

    Phase 3: Curriculum

    • Kicking Techniques

    • Kicking Combo

    • Kickboxing Combo

    • Phase 3 Printout

  • 8

    Phase 4: Curriculum

    • Kicking Techniques

    • Kicking Combo

    • Kickboxing Combo

    • Phase 4 Printout

  • 9

    Phase 5: Curriculum

    • Kicking Techniques

    • Kicking Combo

    • Kickboxing Combo

    • Phase 5 Printout

  • 10

    Bonus Content

What the Members Say

“Master Foran is one of the most knowledgeable, experienced martial artists around today, he has all aspects of martial arts covered, in my commentary I've often called him the Swiss army knife of martial arts.”

Chris Hoekstra

“I feel so much more confident going into regular classes. I was quite apprehensive before starting at the academy, so I bought the online course first. It was so helpful to go into the beginner classes knowing some of the techniques.”

Richard Worsley

“Practice makes perfect, but not if you’re practicing wrong. Starting the online beginner course allows me to practice at home, Master Foran breaks down every tiny detail its easy to double check that I’ve got the techniques right!”

Hayley Thorne

“I'm loving this course. It's not just the content, many people have the content, it's the way it is being taught in understandable detail. A lifetime of experience which is so valuable to anyone interested in martial arts.”

Kevin Lesser